Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006
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Group Overview

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Creating sustainable communities

We seek to create sustainable communities that reflect our commitment to delivering innovative design and high standards of build quality to help make towns and cities better places to live and work. All of our businesses strive to maintain industry leading standards of health and safety, build quality and customer service.


George Wimpey Plc is a dedicated housebuilding company. With over 125 years experience, we have an unparalleled record in our industry. We have operations in the UK and US employing over 5,700 people. We aim to be the housebuilder of choice for our customers, our employees, our shareholders and for the communities in which we operate.

restated for change in land sales policy
before exceptional cost of 60.7 million in 2006
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UK Housing

Ian Sutcliffe.
Ian Sutcliffe
Managing Director
George Wimpey UK

In the UK, we are committed to building upon our long track record of successful development. Our 28 regional businesses and two satellite offices will continue to create new and sustainable communities.

We market our homes through three brands. "George Wimpey" is our core brand and "Laing Homes" our premium brand. They provide a range of quality products from one bedroom apartments and starter homes, to large detached family homes. In 2006 we launched "G2" our value brand, specifically targeted at first time buyers and key workers. G2 provides affordable high quality one and two bedroom apartments at highly competitive prices.

The UK housing market was broadly stable throughout 2006, recovering well from the slow market conditions experienced in 2005. Strong demand, weak supply and a healthy economic situation continue to underpin the market.

Map showing George wimpey offices in the UK.
  • Regional Offices
  • Satellite Offices

excluding joint ventures
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US Housing

Steve Parker.
Steve Parker
Morrison Homes

Morrison Homes, our US business, continues to build on its strong reputation for excellence by delivering high quality homes with industry leading levels of customer service. Spanning five states, the business operates within 13 markets, all of which have strong long term demographic prospects. Morrison traditionally builds a wide range of single family homes and more compact townhomes.

Map of George Wimpey offices in the USA.
  • Divisional Offices

Over the last few years Morrison has benefited from the strong market conditions in the US. 2006 proved to be one of the most challenging housing markets in the US for many years. Affordability in many markets had become stretched driven by rising interest rates and house prices. However, long term market predictions remain strong, with the National Association of Home Builders predicting the average number of starts over the next ten years to exceed those of the previous ten. When the market stabilises Morrison Homes is well placed to strengthen its regional positions to deliver long term growth.

Morrison Homes Logo.

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